Data Service Flow

1.Online data service

Online data service flow

        (1) User registration and login

        The NSSDC platform is open to the whole society and does not deliberately require users to register, but registered users may access and obtain some limited data under related data use protocols in Chinese website.
        Users can find registration and login services in the top right corner of the webpage.

        (2) Data directory service

        The NSSDC platform (Chinese Website) provides data directory services of different subject areas, such as space physics and space environment, space astronomy, Lunar and planetary science. Besides, the thematic data service is the characteristic service provided on the platform, including Meridian Space Weather Monitoring Project data service, China’s Lunar Exploration Program data service and Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope data service.

        (3) Data query service

        At present, the NSSDC website provides two types of data retrieval methods: dataset name retrieval and keyword retrieval. Full dataset name must be provided while using the dataset name retrieval, which is suitable for users knowing the dataset name accurately, so that a specific dataset can be located directly. The keyword retrieval is useful to find relevant data sets based on the users’ interests. Considering that most users are not aware of the full dataset name, we have changed the search box on the homepage to keyword retrieval, and kept both retrieval methods on the Data Resource page.

        (4) Data access service

        Different data access services are bound to the corresponding metadata based on the unique identifier of the metadata. As long as users query their concerned metadata, all data services that are bound to that metadata can be obtained.
        In English Website, all datasets are publicly sharing, users can download the datasets directly. In Chinese Website, some datasets need users register and apply the data via an order under related data use protocols. NSSDC Administrator deal with the order according to data privileges.

2.Offline data service

Offline data service flow

        NSSDC provides offline data processing and product customization services for special user needs. It mainly includes the following:

        (1) Data customization service

        When some data is too large to directly provide a sharing service online, when you want to obtain some datasets in bulk, when you want to customize specialized products, you can choose to contact NSSDC for offline service. According to the users' data request, this platform provides data customization service for the jurisdiction data, provides data to users through E-mail, or private download link, or CD-ROM.

        (2) Data consulting service

        Answer the data questions raised by users.
        NSSDC will respond to the offline applications of the users within 5 working days. For what cannot be provided, explain the reasons; for what can be provided, deal timely in accordance with prescribed procedures.